Sunday, May 27, 2012

Me gusta memes

Sooo long since my last post! But I have a lot more free time now that my quals are over so it will all be okay. sshhhh it'll be okay sshhhh *pet pet*

Haha, is probably quite apparent, I enjoy memes - so of course, I also enjoy rage comics. I particularly enjoy Me Gusta because it is simultaneously creepy and hilarious. And I love creeplarious things.

Here is a selection of some excellent Me Gusta memes (with some guest appearances by Okay Guy).

(Right click the images and select Open Link in New Tab to view them full size!)

Oh gosh, I really do gusta bread ball. I thought I was the only one who smashed up white bread into a blob! Haha. I also definitely put the ends of my hoodie strings in my mouth...and then I chew up the little plastic casing thingies...ugh. And then the sleeping bag one!! When I was little, my brother would always do that and he would be Megaman instead of Samus.....and then he'd punch me in the head with the sleeping bag. Meeeeeemoriiiiiiiies. Oh man.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Caturday: Some random cat stuff because I am le tired.

Urrrrrgggghhhhhh *gurgle gurgle* I have been ridiculously busy for the past week and will continue to be for a couple more weeks because I still have multiple final projects due as well as dreaded quals coming up NOOOOOOOOO. As such, I have little time and zero energy for blogetty-times. :(

I did, however, scrape together enough brain capacity to assemble a bunch of random cat photos for Caturday. So enjoy. Or else I will curl up in the corner and die. (Haha, no, I am already doing that. J/k. But seriously.)

It's Kago Neko Shiro (aka Basket Cat Shiro)!!
(P.S. Check out the YouTube channel, it's awesome.)

A little hamburger cat!

This kitty is soooo happy and winky~

IT'S LIKE AN OREO. Or a yin-yang. Or something. Something ADORABLE.

Kitties should always wear onesies.

This cat is certainly composed purely of liquid.


Hahaha, that cat looks so pleased to be wearing
a knitted pink dress with a flower on it...


Awwww, it's Nyan Kitten!

A tower of peeking kitties! ~(*3*)~

The ever-graceful Charlene Butterbean of IBKC, hahaha!
So elegant.

A vampire costume for kitty cats.
This is ridiculous, and I definitely want it.
(P.S. This cat also looks extremely pleased to be wearing
absolutely proposterous clothing....)


Still with me?? Then I will finish off with two lolcats!

Me, every time I see anything remotely related to cats.

LOOOOOOOL. The story of my cat's life.

via what i don't even know please don't ask me things i am weary ;___;