Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sleep Talkin' Man

Oh man oh man oh man. Sleep Talkin' Man is HILARIOUS. I first found out about this website from the ever-awesome Sofa Pizza, and I have been following it since. Basically, there's this British guy who very, very frequently talks in his sleep, and the things he says are quite understandable and also QUITE ridiculous. In fact, the sleep-talking personality of this man is so distinct, consistent, and persistent that he (it?) has been dubbed Sleep Talkin' Man (obviously), a.k.a. STM.

Due to the absolute absurdity STM, the man's wife began documenting his night-time ramblings by taking audio recordings every night and transcribing the particularly entertaining parts. Reading the things STM says is very funny, but the real hilarity comes when you LISTEN to the sound clips provided with each quote. SOOOO AMAZING.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite STM quotes. I highly, highly recommend that you go to the corresponding STM blog posts and listen to the sound bytes as well. TRUST ME, IT'S WORTH IT.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

"Stop throwing dinosaurs everywhere! It's gonna take me forever to get the pterodactyls down from the wardrobe. Oh, you messy little velociraptors."

"The fruit flies have escaped! Hide your plums! Satsumas flee! FLEE! Oh, this is gonna be total fruitocide. Fuck you, avocado, you're on your own."

"No, you're NOT going out like that. Your feathers all ruffled and beak covered in that nasty lipstick, and that excuse for a skirt. You look like one of those street-corner dirty chickens. Go back upstairs and put something decent on. You live under my coop, you behave and you dress like a good chicken! This is hard-boiled love, you know."

"Everybody kneel on your swimming towel. It is time to pray to the omnipotent baby squid. (chanting) Squidyyyyyy. Squidyyyyyy."

"Hey, look at me! I just made bumble bee pajamas. They're so cuuuute, with their little leg holes. This one's bright fuchsia with some black spots. I think that's my favorite. And this one's got a night cap that fits right over the antennae... (gasp!) TOSS! Wing holes! I forgot to put wing holes! Oh, well. '...and all the honey was oozy woozy, sticky and gooey, but it tasted good.' Awww. Bed time story for tired little bumble bee. (whispering) Go to sleep, bee."

"Ladies and gentlemen, grab your partners! Time to dance like you're my washing machine. Can you spin it? Yes you can. Let's take it down! I'm talkin' 40 degrees."

"I'll have a baby on the rocks. Yeah… What the fuck is this? Seriously?! A baby smoothie?! What the fuck, barkeeper, I asked for a baby on the rocks. Baby, rocks. Simple. Goddamnit, people. A baby on the rocks."

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Ahaha, dang, I love me some Sleep Talkin' Man. Go check it out!!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Valentino Fall 2012

The Red Valentino Fall 2012 RTW collection is so amazingly cute and pretty! I would wear ALLLLL OF IT. At once. J/k, that would make me very large and way too warm. Anyway, here are some of my favorite looks!

Pink and ruffles and bows and lace - all of my favorite things! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purrrrrrrses. That sounds like a cat-related pun or something. But it's not. For real.

Maybe pursessssssss would be better....? But then that's like...a snake-related pun. What even is that, though!? I never talk about snakes. I am not a Parselmouth, that makes no sense. I just....I don't even know any more.

Anyway, my current purse - a nice gray, ruffled hobo (the style of purse, not a vagabond...) that I got for Christmas from my niece and half-sister-in-law - is starting to get a little worn down, so I feel like I should start to be on the lookout for a new purse. But I'm so picky. I WANT A PINK ONE. I WANT LEATHER-LIKE MATERIAL. I DON'T LIKE FRINGES AND CRAP. I DON'T LIKE STUPID SHORT STRAPS. BUT I DON'T LIKE REALLY LONG STRAPS EITHER. Being a girl is hard. By which I actually mean, being ridiculously picky is hard.

Here are some purses that I would enjoy. Nearly all are from Japanese brands, because the Japanese are the only people who like really cute pink shit. Aw yeah.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caturday: Cats sleeping on Lego piles

Very specific!! But it seems to happen quite often.
Cats be weird.

This next Lego kitty is so cute that I included two pictures of it. *3*

And the last Lego kitty is not atop a pile of Legos, but....still so cute!! 
And relevant.

Oh kitties. Why you be so crazy and adorable.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I heart libraries.


The Abbey Library of Saint Gall
St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Philological Library of the Free University of Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Library of Melk Abbey
Melk, Austria

The Library of Parliament
Ottawa, Canada

Livraria Lello
Porto, Portugal
(P.S. That staircase is ridonkulous.)

José Vasconcelos Library
Mexico City, Mexico

Klementinum National Library
Prague, Czech Republic

The Law Library of Munich
Munich, Germany

Now who's gonna go on a library vacation with me?!

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