About my weird tags

I like organizing things! As such, I have various tags for my posts - and while most of my tags are self-explanatory, some probably do not make any sense to people other than me. So I will explain those here.

go do this thing:
Posts that are tagged with this involve some sort of thing I am telling/entreating you to go do. I may be recommending that you go play a game, read a comic, check out a website, or maybe even cover yourself in bees. It could be anything, but it will definitely be something I like. Because maybe I like covering myself in bees. Don't judge.

i want this stuff:
Items/things that I wish to own/purchase and perhaps already do own or have already purchased. Is probably either food or clothes/make-up/stuff like that.

Basically, something that is so incredible/astounding that my head literally figuratively exploded when I saw it or found out about it. An alternative tag I could have used is "HOLYFREAKINGCRAP."

nerd time:
That means it's time for nerd time.