Friday, February 25, 2011

I loves me some outer space!

Man, have you ever explored NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site? If you haven't, what is wrong with you.

But seriously, go look around. It's bomb. Because space is totally rad. I especially like to look up the APODs on my birthday and then admire how my birthday-space-photo is far superior to everyone else's birthday-space-photos. In your face, February 11th, my picture is way cooler than yours.

For example: this is the APOD on my most recent birthday.
That is two galaxies duking it out. Sweet.

And this is the APOD for my 19th birthday. That big shininess is Jupiter, whaaat. That business on the ground is a temple at the ruins of Ephesus, located in modern-day Turkey. Very picturesque.
¡Muy excelente!

Okay, just one more of my awesome birthday space pictures. This was from my 15th birthday. It is one of our neighbors, the Andromeda Galaxy. Ooooooh!
This might be my favorite. So simple and perfect! (Just like me, obv.)

So go take a look around! And try not to be too disappointed when the pictures from your birthday are super lame compared to mine. Because they definitely will be. It can't be helped.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Probably the best lipgloss ever.

Do you like lip gloss? If not, are you a boy? If you also answered no to that, then we are probably not friends. Just kidding, I don't choose my friends based on how fabulous their lips are. Although maybe I should.

In any case, I have discovered what may quite possibly the the best lip gloss/balm/product OF ALL TIME. At least, of all my time. And that lip product is Pixi Beauty's Rose Lip Treat - especially in Petal (a soft pink shade) and Peach (a.....peach-colored shade).  I was first drawn to it when I was wandering around Target and saw a section of make-up that was all very prettily packaged in pale sage greens and dusty pinks. And I am a sucker for nice packaging. And also for lip products. AND also for pink. The tube containing this tinted balm as well as the box it comes in are both pink, holy shit.

Look how pretty it is, damn.

But more importantly!! The balm itself is really great. The colors are very pretty and flattering. While they mostly act to just boost your natural lip color, they are still rather pigmented, so you aren't wasting money on a nothing-colored lip product. The formula is really creamy and smooth and moisturizing. (However, I still usually apply some chapstick, rub it in and wipe the excess off before applying this balm, since it is quite pigmented and will therefore settle in cracks and look weird if your lips are not nice and smooth.) I also like its shape/format (??? I don't know makeup vocab words...), as it is narrow enough that I don't accidentally get it outside the edge my lips (herp a derp) and....stuff. Okay, I am really bad at reviewing things.

The balms cost $12 each. Is that expensive for lip balm? Maybe, if you are a cheap-ass like me. Also, maybe, if you already own hundreds of lip products like me. It also gets expensive if you can't decide between two colors and just buy both. Yeah that's right, I spent $24 on two lip balms, I don't care. I do what I want. Just like honey badger.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hahahaha this is hilarious.

So simple, yet so perfect. On a separate but related note, what is up with that cat?? Aside from its eerily excellent walrus mustache, its eyes are super creepy. I'd probably be super creeped out if I saw that cat in my yard. In any case....awesome.

via LOLCats

P.S. My first two blog entries have both been about cats. As expected.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is the first entry of a blog that I made. It is all very exciting.

Hi! My name is Kaori and I like things. I will be posting random blog entries about random things I like at random time intervals.....randomrandomrandom. not even a word anymore.

But it is true, I get excited about all kinds of things. Fashion, stupid internet memes, food, nerdy science things, make-up and other girly things, architecture, outer space....who even knows what else I may like?! Me, that's who. Also you, if you read this blog.

Oh, and I especially like cats. Cats cats cats! I am only twenty-one but I am already a crazy-ass cat lady. I'm pursuing a career as a bioengineering researcher, but you know what? If I could pick ANYTHING in the world to do without having to worry about money or feasibility or other dumb realistic stuff like that, I would start a CAT PATISSERIE. Like a cat cafe, but a patisserie instead of a cafe. You do not know of cat cafes, you say? Well you should. And you will now, because I like them.


Cat cafes are cafes full of cats. No joke. They mostly only exist in Japan, where they are called neko cafe. You pay a fee (usually pretty small) to get in, and after you wash your hands and take off your shoes and whatnot, it is time to play with kitties! Kitties that are just wandering around the cafe!! That is crazy and awesome. Smaller cafes tend to have more around 5-10 cats, but the bigger ones can have 30+! (Although not all of them are out on the floor at once. Cats need days off from work too, you know!)

The banner above is from the website of the only cat cafe I've been to. It's called Calico Cat Cafe, and it is one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - neko cafe. They have two locations: one in Shinjuku and one in Kichijouji (both of which are in Tokyo). I went to the Shinjuku location, which is the larger of the two, and let me tell you: it was awesome. So awesome. Also you get a little booklet that tells you the name, breed, age, birthday and weight (how rude!) of all the cats, along with a little photo to help you identify which is which. So that's pretty cool. And I like things that are pretty cool.

A photo I took at Calico. I wish I was that lady.

And now I have told you about something I like. Hurrah! Stay tuned for even more things that I like.