Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jetoy Choo Choo Cats

OMFG I LOVE JETOY CHOO CHOO CATS AFSDKJFALDKHGAKSFAKSJFLKS. Right now you are probably wondering "wtf Kaori r u ok did you just have a stroke." No, my friend, no I did not. I am just real excited because I discovered one of the best things ever.

Jetoy is a Korean brand that produces the wonderful Choo Choo Cat line of stationery, accessories, etc. Basically, cute products with these ridiculously AMAZING illustrations of adorable wibbly-eyed kitties surrounded by flowers and pastel colors and sparkles and all kinds of awesome stuff. In other words, it's an amalgamation of ALL THE BEST THINGS EVER.

Here are some examples of the wonderfully fantabulous Choo Choo Cat illustrations. Soooooo cute!

"Pink Hood"


"Pink Rose"


Assorted Choo Choo cats!
The one on the very top right, called "Heaven," is my absolute favorite. :3

The Choo Choo Cat product line includes tons of different items, such as notebooks, stationery, pens, pencils, notepads, phone cases, zip-up pouches, stickers, and more. Look at all this amazing stuff!

I bought the passcase on the right. It's the freaking best ever.


Oh man if I lived in Korea I would go to the Jetoy store erryday and buy errything. LOOK AT IT. IT'S FREAKING PINK. THE WHOLE THING. That is amazeballs.

Can I just live here, please? Thanks.

While Choo Choo Cats are plentiful in South Korea and have expanded to Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, everyone else has to shop around online to get their hands on some Choo Choo kitty goodness. Amazon actually sells some Jetoy items, but the largest selection of products can be found on eBay - just search "jetoy" or "choo choo cat" and tons of results will come up. As long as the seller has a good rating and is based in South Korea, it's probably legit. So go buy some awesome cat stuff! RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

Hurray, Choo Choo Cats! I am hooked. *w*

images via Jetoy's official website

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frederic St-Arnaud

Check out these badass scenery/landscape/architecture paintings by Frederic St-Arnaud! Super amazing!

(To see the images full-size, either right click and select Open Link in New Tab or just go to the artist's website and view them there. :D)

I absolutely loooove the ones of buildings with waterfalls, I wish they were real places! The first one reminds me of Hogwarts. *w*

via Frederic St-Arnaud's official website