Saturday, January 26, 2013

Caturday: Winter cats edition

Oh man oh man, we are long overdue for another Caturday post! Since it is currently winter, here are some wintery cats for your enjoyment.

But perhaps it is not cold enough where you are for it to actually snow. 
In that case, poncho cat is prepared for rain!

Speaking of putting clothing on cats, this is freaking hilarious.

Oh, kitties. They hate clothes. Adorable.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty product packaging

Product packaging design is really interesting! I am certainly one of those ideal consumers who is overly preoccupied/concerned over pretty packaging - I will often purchase things I don't really need if they have particularly nice packaging, and I will balk at buying products if they have particularly terrible packaging. Needless to say, I would most def buy any and all of the following products if I ever came across them.

Marou chocolate

The Deli Garage cheese pencils

Delhaize jams

Lapp & Fao chocolate books

More fruit juice

Bonnard macarons

Theurel & Thomas macarons

Amelia Rope chocolate

Koel Fresh fruit juice

Sadly, these products are basically all from countries that are not the United States, boooo. I think some might even just be packaging designs for products that don't actually exist, haha. Regardless, I wish all food looked like this.

via listed sites, plus Lovely Package and BuzzFeed