Sunday, May 29, 2011


This was emailed to me by Alan, which pretty much proves that he is the best boyfriend ever who KNOWS MY SOULLLL. Or something.

Every once in a while I will just look at it and laaaugh and laaaaaaaugh. What a weird and awesome cat. And what weird and awesome people there are on tumblr.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How well can you see colors?

This is a really interesting test! Go to this website to take the FM 100 Hue Test and see how high or low your color acuity is!

After arranging the tiles in order by hue, starting at the left-most locked tile color and ending at the right-most locked tile color (as shown above in my example), it will give you your "ColorIQ" test score.

The lower the score, the better - thus, zero would be a perfect score. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that means that my score of 4 is pretty awesome. Yusssss. \(-w-)/ It also gives you a breakdown of which colors you are not so good at discriminating. Damn you, turquoise!

Then, if you pick your age range and gender, it will show how your score compares with your age-and-gender peers. Apparently those other girls in their twenties are pretty awesome at seeing colors, if I am that far over on the distribution scale. And someone got a 1520?! Can they only see in black and white or something?? Well, I suppose I personally know of some people *cough Alan cough* who could only break into the two-digit score range after retaking the test multiple times....poor semi-colorblind bebe.

So go see how well you can discriminate alllll the colors, and tell me how you did!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apparently Lady Gaga is going to be on SNL tonight.

This is a conversation (if you can call it that...) that I just had with my mom.

Me: "Um...wh....where??"
Mom: "Saturday ribe."
Me: "You mean Saturday Night Live?"
Mom: "Yeah. Also will be Justin Timberland."
Me: ".....okay."

She keeps me very up-to-date on all the pop-culture news.
I usually have to decipher who she is talking about and what she is trying to say about them, though. Lol.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Floating stars

An absolutely gorgeous photo by Sofia Ajram. Check out her flickr for more amazing photography!

via Sofia Ajram's flickr.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nyan nyan nyan? Nyan! Nyan nyan. Plus other nyans I nyan (videos I like).

Do you know about Nyan Cat? DO YOU?! Well if not, before even reading that previous link, go to -->THIS LINK<-- and be enthralled and amazed. And/or really annoyed. Lol.

I like Nyan Cat because not only do I enjoy kitties and weird stuff and pointless dumb internet junk, I also have a long history with nyan. You see, nyan is the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow." And when I was little and dumb, I would call cats nyan-nyans even if I was otherwise speaking in English. It did not even occur to me that someone might not know what a "nyan-nyan" is. Because what kind of idiot doesn't know what a nyan-nyan is?! I also called dogs wan-wans because, you guessed it, wan is "woof" in Japanese. So, basically, I have nyaned for nearly 22 years, which is waaaaaay more than the other nyaning high-scores people have gotten, seeing as Nyan Cat has only existed for like a month.

If you enjoyed Nyan Cat, which I KNOW you did not at all totally did, you should go here and play Nyan Cat Fly, a game where you control Nyan Cat to get him to omnom tasty yummies and avoid omnomming yucky veggies. My favorite thing about it is that you can customize your own Nyan Cat, that's right, CUSTOMIZE your OWN NYAN CAT to play with. Bomb! Above you can see my personalized nyan. White-furred chocolate nyan with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles! :D Another nyantastic nyan-finding is this video of a dude playing the nyan song on the piano. Check it out!

And please notice that the video description contains a link to a tutorial for how to play the nyan song. Nyaice! If I was better at playing the piano and not confused by that style of piano tutorial, I would totally learn how to play it. But enyaough about nyan! Since I am pleased with my discovery of Blogger's easy-to-imbed YouTube video tool, I will now share a couple non-nyan videos which I currently find very entertaining.

This commercial makes me laugh a lot. I love how the older girl says "happy," and the face the younger girl makes when the grandpa rolls over, ahaha. I read that they told the actresses playing the daughters that the cream actually does work and they believed it, so they are probably being totez srs when they are putting it on the old dude actor, LOL.

I looooove corgis, omg!! The best kind of dog. This one is particularly awesome. Why is he doing that? Why is he so crazy?? He's just all flipping out and smacking the ground with his front paws, hahaha. So great.

Okay I lied, this is nyan-related. But not Nyan Cat-related! I sometimes (oftentimes) watch videos of cats meowing because....well, I'm a crazy cat lady? I have no legitimate reason. Anyway, this video confirmed the fact that I - quite idiosyncratically - enjoy old cats a lot more than kittens. That noisy gray kitty when he is in grown-up stage with his big fluffy tail? SOOOOOO AMAZEBALLS.

And that is it for now because long post is gettin' looooooong.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Excellent sci-fi short stories.

Do you like sci-fi? If so, read on! Because I do. Of course I do. *makes a nerd face*

I also really like short stories because a) I have a short attention span, and b) I do not have to commit to allotting a certain, extended reading time-period to them. For instance, my extracurricular reading time for the last, oh, almost two years has been dedicated to the re-reading and continued-reading of the Wheel of Time series, which I had read up to the latest release back in middle school (and which is probably my favorite book series ever). Before that was a couple-month time period dedicated to reading H.P. Lovecraft stories. And so forth.

So anyways, you should probably read these really great short sci-fi stories!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The first one is called The Last Question, written by Isaac Asimov. (If you do not know who he is then you were clearly lying earlier when you said that you like sci-fi.) I discovered this story when a friend posted a status about it on the Facebook, and I agree with his accompanying assertion that it is very brilliant. Asimov apparently considers it his best short story, which must mean it is fantastic! (It is.) Read it online here. (If you are going to read any of these stories, read this one. The ending is pretty much mind-blowing.)

The next one is also by Asimov, yay! (I have not yet read any full-length sci-fi works by him, but his short stories are great, let me tell you.) I found out about Nightfall when I was looking up info about The Last Question (via Wikipedia, obv.) Anyway, the wiki page mentioned Nightfall as one of his other most well-known and acclaimed short stories so I was like SHIT I BETTER READ THAT RIGHT NOW. And I did. And it was bomb. Also, it was apparently later adapted into a full-length it must be awesome, right? Right. And you can read it online right here.

The next story is called The Sentinel, written by Arthur C. Clarke, and it apparently formed the basis for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's kind of creepy, lol! And it makes me want to watch that movie...I will have to put it on my movies-to-watch list. A link to a pdf of the story can be found near the bottom of this page. (P.S. If you want to find more cool sci-fi stories, you should browse around this site - that's how I found this one!)

Exhalation, by Ted Chiang, is a really creative and rather profound story. It may or may not have made me sit around for a while just staring off into space and being like "WHOAAAA." This story is included in a sci-fi anthology called Eclipse Two, which I will probably have to order and read now. Anywhoo, this story was brought to my attention through an acquaintances blog, which you should probably go check out because he is a super cool dude who likes super interesting stuff and is also super hilarious. Super super! As for the story, the direct link for you to go read it is here.

Okay, one more, just one more! This one, entitled Starborn and written by Juhana Leinonen, is really interesting because it is a cross between a story and a game. Also found on that sweet blog from the previous paragraph, he (the guy who writes the blog) describes it as a short interactive story and he enjoyed + recommended it so it was sure to be way cool. And it was! Just follow the instructions and type in any of the capitalized words to move to a new scene. When I played it, I was very meticulous about making sure I typed in every single command so I wouldn't miss ANYTHING. Lol. It was really interesting how at first I was just going around reading about all this neat stuff but not having any idea what the heck I was doing or what I should enter next, but then things started to fall together and then it clicked and I knew what I needed to do next. It only took me about 5-10 minutes and was really fun and unique. Check it out here!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hmmm that ended up being more story recommendations than I had originally intended to do. Oh well, the more nerdy stories, the merrier! Right?! Right.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forever 21...

...currently has tons of floral rose-patterned, bow-festooned, pink-and-cream color-scheme clothing and accessories. Which are some of my biggest retail weaknesses. Meaning I was suckered into buying tons and tons of stuff. Damn you and your ridiculously low prices, F21!!

I bought all of this stuff. ALL OF IT.
We will see how many of the things I recklessly bought actually look decent on me and how many I will have to return. Also, how much of that jewelry I will actually wear, since I don't really wear jewelry besides the watch, silver bracelet, and silver heart necklace that I always wear...

I am going to be flowery and girly all over the place.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How fast can you type, homies?

Go here to find out! -->

It actually has you type quotes from books, therefore forcing you to use all kinds of punctuation and capitalize words and do terrible, time-consuming things like that. Aka, things you have to use when you actually type things in real life. Lol.

I average around 75-80 wpm, increasing to over 80 wpm when I happen to get a passage that is mostly straight simple sentences without weird punctuations, proper nouns, etc. So, in other words, I am pretty much a badass.

What's your typing speed? :)

EDIT: Awwww yeahhhh, what now, sucka T?!