Saturday, April 26, 2014

Caturday: Chubby babies

Chubby kitty babies are my favorite kitty babies. 
Here are some excellent chubbers for you.

Here is a chub-chub with his doppleganger!

And here is my very own chub-chub, Pasta, with her doppleganger as well. ;)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hilarious haunted house reaction photos

HEY YA'LL instead of giving the tired old blog post intro of OMG IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE MY LAST POST that I have used for the last, like, a bajillion posts, I will just get right down to bidness (business).

And that business (bidness) is OH HEY it is October and that means Halloween is a relevant thing right now! Hurray! Actually I never do anything for Halloween (because I am lame) so I don't even really care, haha. But candy is real cheap at the store and there are more cat-themed things around than usual and maybe I can find a badass corn maze to EXPERTLY NAVIGATE MY WAY THROUGH. I am not even joking, I sprint through corn mazes. And then have to wait forever for the rest of my friends to make it out. (The secret is to follow one wall alllll the way around until you make your way out. Trufax.) (Now I've just ruined corn mazes for everyone, lolz.)

Besides corn mazes, another thing that pops up during Halloween season: haunted houses! (Sometimes both at once, combined! Gasp.) I kind of like haunted houses because I like screaming really loud and clutching desperately to my friends in abject terror, but I also dislike haunted houses because I am very skittish and do not particularly enjoy having 50+ heart attacks in a row. However, I definitely like looking at the hilarious reaction photos taken at the Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house in Niagara Falls, Canada. In case you don't know, this haunted house is famous not only for apparently being the oldest haunted house in North America in continuous operation, but even more so for taking photos of visitors at a particularly scary part of the attraction and then posting the pictures online for all to laugh at.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite photos of random terrified people!

I wonder what my photo would look like if I went to this haunted house...probably nothing because I would be curled up on the ground below the camera in fetal position. :P

via Buzzfeed, Mashable, and of course, NFF's Flickr

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long overdue lololz

Mannnnnn I am the worst at blogging! But I've been so busy with work and vacations and birthday and GETTING ENGAGED aw yisssss. I know, EXCUSES EXCUSES. Onwards to random funny things!

via Poorly Drawn Lines, Infinite Nap, and some random tumblrs

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Caturday: Then and Meow

So kittens are pretty great, right? Totally. And cats are pretty great too, right?? Of course. I, somewhat atypically, actually like grown-up cats better than kittens. WHAAAAT, I know right? But old kitties are way more awesome than baby kitties. (Baby kitties are awesome too, though. Duh.)

Today's Caturday, however, is awesome for everybody, because it features both kittens AND cats! And not just any kittens and cats, but THE SAME kittens and cats. By that I mean, pictures of cats when they were kittens and pictures of the cats that the kittens became. You know. Then and meow. Please proceed. 

Aren't they way more adorable and hilarious when they're older!?? I think they are. Either way, it's a cutie kitty overload. :)

mostly via these Buzzfeed articles