Saturday, November 3, 2012

Caturday: How to organize kitties

So I've already posted the first picture of this sequence in a previous Caturday post, but I FOUND MORE PHOTOS OF THIS SEPTUPLET OF KITTIESSSS. (Or rather, a friend referred me to a link that contained more photos of them. :P) I have been looking all around the internet and trying Google's image searching feature to try to figure out where these kitties are from, but no luck! D:

Anyway, onto kitty organization!

Organize them in stacking baskets!
(P.S. The first time I posted this, did anyone notice that the "cat"
third from the bottom is actually stuffed? Because I did not.)

Organize them in buckets!

Organize them in color-coded, numbered boxes!

Organize them in....other buckets!

Organize them in kitty cubbies, AWWWW!!!

I especially like the chubby gray tabby and the creepy brown tabby! Chubby gray tabby is the tubby little gatekeeper of the tower and is glorping out of his buckets, aww! And creepy brown tabby is hardcore creepin' in his bucket in the second photo and looks weirded out in the back of the other bucket photo, ahaha. And then lone black cat is not having any of this nonsense and looks hella pissed in all the pictures, LOL.

These are pretty much the best photos ever.

via taildom, mostly (thanks Sarah!)