Saturday, June 15, 2013

Caturday: Then and Meow

So kittens are pretty great, right? Totally. And cats are pretty great too, right?? Of course. I, somewhat atypically, actually like grown-up cats better than kittens. WHAAAAT, I know right? But old kitties are way more awesome than baby kitties. (Baby kitties are awesome too, though. Duh.)

Today's Caturday, however, is awesome for everybody, because it features both kittens AND cats! And not just any kittens and cats, but THE SAME kittens and cats. By that I mean, pictures of cats when they were kittens and pictures of the cats that the kittens became. You know. Then and meow. Please proceed. 

Aren't they way more adorable and hilarious when they're older!?? I think they are. Either way, it's a cutie kitty overload. :)

mostly via these Buzzfeed articles

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  1. You gotta love cats when they're cute like that, right?