Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sesame snaps are like THE FOOD OF THE ANGELS.

Have you ever had a sesame snap?? HAVE YOU EVER HAD LOUCKS SESAME SNAPS?!?? They look like a weird old person treat, and maybe they are, but they are DAMNNNNNN TASTY, SON. They don't even have any kind of website, just that Facebook page I linked to, but they are nonetheless totally legit. So good. So freaking good.

Made of sesame seeds and sugar, they are very good to take along for hikes and such because they will give you lots of energy! By which I mean that they have like a billion calories. But that's okay, because they also have lots of protein and fiber. Although it is probably not okay that I eat multiple packs of them while sitting around doing nothing.....hm. Oh well. They are just too delicious.

And apparently, they also come in a CHOCOLATE VARIETY, which are comprised of the same sesame snap base with drizzles of dark chocolate on top. WHAT THE FUCK BRO, CALM THAT SHIT DOWN. No, Loucks will not calm that shit down, because they are in the business of making freaking tasty-ass sesame treats that completely blow people's minds. Or at least my mind.

These things are so awesome that I ordered a whole display box full, as shown above, from Amazon. You should probably also do that. Or maybe be more reasonable and just find them in a store and buy one or two. Whatever, it's your choice to not be truly happy in life, with your piddly non-large-box's-worth of sesame snaps. Have fun being sad and sesame snap-less.

...But seriously go eat some of these, they are amazing.

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  1. Definitely always get these in my stocking at Christmas. yummmmmmmmm

    1. I wish I got them in my stocking! So tastyyyy

  2. I agree,,,Everytime I visit the Round Rock (Austin) REI I snap up a bunch of these !