Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty product packaging

Product packaging design is really interesting! I am certainly one of those ideal consumers who is overly preoccupied/concerned over pretty packaging - I will often purchase things I don't really need if they have particularly nice packaging, and I will balk at buying products if they have particularly terrible packaging. Needless to say, I would most def buy any and all of the following products if I ever came across them.

Marou chocolate

The Deli Garage cheese pencils

Delhaize jams

Lapp & Fao chocolate books

More fruit juice

Bonnard macarons

Theurel & Thomas macarons

Amelia Rope chocolate

Koel Fresh fruit juice

Sadly, these products are basically all from countries that are not the United States, boooo. I think some might even just be packaging designs for products that don't actually exist, haha. Regardless, I wish all food looked like this.

via listed sites, plus Lovely Package and BuzzFeed

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