Monday, April 18, 2011

Foooooood (blogs).

I like to read food review blogs. Food product review blogs, to be more precise - especially about candy/snacks. Is that weird? Maybe. But it is also totally awesome. Here are a couple that I particularly enjoy.

Candy Blog is full of reviews of, predictably, candy. Metric shit tons of candy. This blogger sure loves her candy! She also has very impressive specific/nuanced taste discerning abilities. Like, she'll do an entry on, say, Skittles and be talking about the bitter citrus oil tastes and floral berry tastes and all this crazy stuff and I'm like "whaaat is happening" but I am nevertheless super into it, lol. It's also pretty useful because she reviews tons of domestic candies, so you can figure out which treats to avoid or to search for when you go to the store. :) She also does some foreign candy reviews, which I find the most intriguing just because they're out of the ordinary (often very much so).

Japanese Snack Reviews also has a very straightforward name, as the author does reviews of Japanese snack foods of all kinds: chips, candies, beverages, pre-packaged foods, cookies, other baked goods, ice cream, yogurt, and so forth. I find this blog particularly interesting for many reasons, including a) I freaking heart Japanese snacks and I like to imagine how delicious (or...gross) they must be, b) I enjoy seeing what kinds of awesome/nasty/weird-ass snacks there are in Japan these days and c) the author is a good writer whose review posts often have humor, cultural observations, interesting anecdotes, etc. thrown in.

Jen Ken's Kit Kat Blog does not randomly have the word "Kit Kat" in it just for funsies; the inclusion of that word is SRS BSNS. And by that I mean she does, indeed, review Kit Kats. Only Kit Kats. "How is that possible?" you might say. If so, you do not know of the crazy wonder that is Japanese Kit Kats. In Japan, Kit Kats are quite popular and are released in tons of flavors each year. There are regional flavors, seasonal flavors, store-exclusive flavors, holiday flavors, you name it! And lots of them are hella weird. Examples include corn, wasabi, soy sauce, and rose. It's really interesting seeing all the flavors of Kit Kat that exist and how widely they vary in their...deliciousness level (?). Sooooo many Kit Kats~~~!

I check these blogs regularly. As in...pretty much every day. You probably should, too. If you are a weirdo like me who likes reading reviews of snack foods, that is.

Photo credits for all banners go to the respective blogs. :)


  1. makes me want to try all kit kats there are, too... oh, the joyful world of japanese sweets!
    thanks for linking.:D

  2. OMG I KNOW, RIGHT?!? They look awesome. I've had one of the sakura ones in the past and it was suuuper delicious. -3-
    No prob! I had a feeling you'd enjoy this post. ;) Not sure if......anyone else I know will though, lol. XD