Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Needs more kitties.

You know, it has been a long time since I have made a blog post about cats. Far too long. Thus: cats. Huzzah! Here are some cat photos that made me cackle/squeal for extended periods of time. Enjoy.

It's sitting SO WEIRD, LOL.

This photo is so hilarious for so many reasons.
I especially like its mouth. Also, its crack-eyes.
(I remain ever grateful to Emily Pinney for showing this to me.)

So true! I love me some sassypants. :3 And some *boop*.
(My cat does not love *boop*.)

The best cat face ever. It looks so pissed, haha!

And I will finish up with this lolcat, which - although it is not nearly as ridonkulous or clearly-hilarious as many other lolcats - for some reason never fails to make me quite literally lol. Forever.


Thank you for joining me during this long-overdue (??) cat post. Please join me next time for more cat post. Cat cat cat post.

Photo credits to I do not even know they are from random places oh gosh I am bad at blogging responsibly.


  1. hehehe. i looove the first one.

    one of mine loves boop, though...