Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caturday: Cats with hats!

Need I say more??!

Look how sad this kitty is that it is wearing a Hello Kitty hat!! AWWWW!

Look how weird this cat's hat is!!
(That's because this cat lives in Japan.)

This kitty is a majestic lion! GROWWWR!

Seasonally-appropriate pumpkin cat! :D

Another pumpkin hat cat!
You too can make your kitty a pumpkin by buying this hat from scooterKnits!

Or maybe you want your kitty cat to wear a bear hat from xmoonbloom!
(Apparently Etsy is the premiere place to sell cat hats, haha.)

Also from xmoonbloom! Unicorn cat!!! :D

Okay. This next picture. I have to give you the backstory. I can't for the life of me remember what this girl's website/blog/Livejournal(??) is, but anyway. She was apparently taking a vacation in Japan, and was just walking down the street one day when she saw THIS.


Oh you know, just a Japanese girl with a face mask walking around with A CAT WEARING A WATERMELON HAT PERCHED ON HER SHOULDER. No biggie. Um, actually, YES BIGGIE. Hence she wisely asked the girl and her shoulder-cat for a photo. And it is the best photo. I especially like how the watermelon shoulder-cat is just staring at the girl. STARING.

But I guess if this kind of super weird and nonsensical thing was to occur, it would certainly occur in Japan, lol. ( time when I was visiting Japan I saw this high school kid walking home with his friends, you know, being a normal kid after school. EXCEPT. He had a LEMUR that was alternating between riding on his shoulder and leaping onto then running along railings as he passed them. And when it would reach the end of the railings it would wait for the boy to catch up and then leap back onto him. All of which is pretty freaking weird. But the real kicker was that NOBODY WAS EVEN BATTING AN EYELASH AT THIS. AND THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH WEIRDER WTF JAPANNNNNN.)

Anyway. Happy Caturday!


  1. Hey do you know where you could get a the lion hat? Would love to get one for my cute! If you could PM me on facebook to let me know please would be much appreciated

    1. Hello! I wasn't able to send you a PM on Facebook (I think perhaps due to your privacy settings?), so hopefully you get this comment!

      I honestly don't know where that lion hat came from. The best I can find is a knitted version of the hat from an Etsy seller called Bitch Knits (, who makes many other hats for kitties as well.

      The only other thing I could find was this one ( that is more of a whole costume instead of just a hat.

      I hope you find something you like for your cat! :)