Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Probably the best lipgloss ever.

Do you like lip gloss? If not, are you a boy? If you also answered no to that, then we are probably not friends. Just kidding, I don't choose my friends based on how fabulous their lips are. Although maybe I should.

In any case, I have discovered what may quite possibly the the best lip gloss/balm/product OF ALL TIME. At least, of all my time. And that lip product is Pixi Beauty's Rose Lip Treat - especially in Petal (a soft pink shade) and Peach (a.....peach-colored shade).  I was first drawn to it when I was wandering around Target and saw a section of make-up that was all very prettily packaged in pale sage greens and dusty pinks. And I am a sucker for nice packaging. And also for lip products. AND also for pink. The tube containing this tinted balm as well as the box it comes in are both pink, holy shit.

Look how pretty it is, damn.

But more importantly!! The balm itself is really great. The colors are very pretty and flattering. While they mostly act to just boost your natural lip color, they are still rather pigmented, so you aren't wasting money on a nothing-colored lip product. The formula is really creamy and smooth and moisturizing. (However, I still usually apply some chapstick, rub it in and wipe the excess off before applying this balm, since it is quite pigmented and will therefore settle in cracks and look weird if your lips are not nice and smooth.) I also like its shape/format (??? I don't know makeup vocab words...), as it is narrow enough that I don't accidentally get it outside the edge my lips (herp a derp) and....stuff. Okay, I am really bad at reviewing things.

The balms cost $12 each. Is that expensive for lip balm? Maybe, if you are a cheap-ass like me. Also, maybe, if you already own hundreds of lip products like me. It also gets expensive if you can't decide between two colors and just buy both. Yeah that's right, I spent $24 on two lip balms, I don't care. I do what I want. Just like honey badger.



    i need it. now.

  2. I agree with this comment. Wholeheartedly.