Friday, February 25, 2011

I loves me some outer space!

Man, have you ever explored NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site? If you haven't, what is wrong with you.

But seriously, go look around. It's bomb. Because space is totally rad. I especially like to look up the APODs on my birthday and then admire how my birthday-space-photo is far superior to everyone else's birthday-space-photos. In your face, February 11th, my picture is way cooler than yours.

For example: this is the APOD on my most recent birthday.
That is two galaxies duking it out. Sweet.

And this is the APOD for my 19th birthday. That big shininess is Jupiter, whaaat. That business on the ground is a temple at the ruins of Ephesus, located in modern-day Turkey. Very picturesque.
¡Muy excelente!

Okay, just one more of my awesome birthday space pictures. This was from my 15th birthday. It is one of our neighbors, the Andromeda Galaxy. Ooooooh!
This might be my favorite. So simple and perfect! (Just like me, obv.)

So go take a look around! And try not to be too disappointed when the pictures from your birthday are super lame compared to mine. Because they definitely will be. It can't be helped.

1 comment:

  1. way cool!
    i wish i could stare into space and be happy about shiny stars all day. and night. always.
    now off to check my birthdays.XD