Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is the first entry of a blog that I made. It is all very exciting.

Hi! My name is Kaori and I like things. I will be posting random blog entries about random things I like at random time intervals.....randomrandomrandom. That...is not even a word anymore.

But it is true, I get excited about all kinds of things. Fashion, stupid internet memes, food, nerdy science things, make-up and other girly things, architecture, outer space....who even knows what else I may like?! Me, that's who. Also you, if you read this blog.

Oh, and I especially like cats. Cats cats cats! I am only twenty-one but I am already a crazy-ass cat lady. I'm pursuing a career as a bioengineering researcher, but you know what? If I could pick ANYTHING in the world to do without having to worry about money or feasibility or other dumb realistic stuff like that, I would start a CAT PATISSERIE. Like a cat cafe, but a patisserie instead of a cafe. You do not know of cat cafes, you say? Well you should. And you will now, because I like them.


Cat cafes are cafes full of cats. No joke. They mostly only exist in Japan, where they are called neko cafe. You pay a fee (usually pretty small) to get in, and after you wash your hands and take off your shoes and whatnot, it is time to play with kitties! Kitties that are just wandering around the cafe!! That is crazy and awesome. Smaller cafes tend to have more around 5-10 cats, but the bigger ones can have 30+! (Although not all of them are out on the floor at once. Cats need days off from work too, you know!)

The banner above is from the website of the only cat cafe I've been to. It's called Calico Cat Cafe, and it is one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - neko cafe. They have two locations: one in Shinjuku and one in Kichijouji (both of which are in Tokyo). I went to the Shinjuku location, which is the larger of the two, and let me tell you: it was awesome. So awesome. Also you get a little booklet that tells you the name, breed, age, birthday and weight (how rude!) of all the cats, along with a little photo to help you identify which is which. So that's pretty cool. And I like things that are pretty cool.

A photo I took at Calico. I wish I was that lady.

And now I have told you about something I like. Hurrah! Stay tuned for even more things that I like.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA Kaori, this is awesome. I feel like we really should have been BFFsforevz at WSU. We are like, basically the same. Even our significant other is... the same. in a way. at least, their names. in pronunciation. ANYWAY! I'm done being creep..!!

  2. It's true, I don't know how we didn't realize how alike we are. If only one of us had brought up the topic of...cats, haha. We are probably long lost sisters or something.

  3. yay! anna likes kaori (and her blog)!
    i know i´m absolutely going to go into one of these cafés next year when i´m in japan because i´ll miss my babies...:)

  4. That cat cafe that you and Alan went to in Japan sounded really cool! Perhaps something like that could happen in the U.S.? Perhaps it could be a pastime and Alan could man it while you are working hard in the lab. :-)

  5. Anna: Yay, I like Anna liking Kaori (and her blog)! :D OMG please take tons of kitty pictures! Also, please take tons of everything pictures while you're there, lol!

    Stephanie: I really wish they had them here!! Haha, I have actually slightly-seriously considered starting one as a side project. :P