Friday, January 27, 2012

A cool personality quiz you should take

This personality quiz is really interesting! It's called VisualDNA and, as the name implies, it is an image-based visual personality quiz. For each question, it gives you various pictures to choose from as your answer. I've never seen a personality quiz set up like this before! And...I have taken a lot of them. Lol. (I may do a post in the future with some of my favorite/the most informative/the most entertaining ones. -3- )

Here are some of the answers I chose. *w*

Apparently I am a Harmonizer! Which means I am organized and like when things go according to plan. This is true. And apparently I have great style! But the quiz also tells me I need to exercise more. Um, rude. But still true, lol.

Anyway, if you have some time to kill and/or enjoy taking personality quizzes, I recommend that you take this one! And tell me what your results are. :) Just click the link I gave above and start picking photos! Huzzahhhhhh.

via the Visual DNA website


  1. I'm an Energizer (bunny?) =D

    1. Haha, Energizer sounds like an appropriate label for you, Nicole. :P

  2. And I'm a seeker. Sword of Truth, anyone?

    1. Lol, you would be a seeker. I think Alan was a seeker too....I may have made that up, though.