Saturday, January 21, 2012

L'Occitane is L'Awesome.

The trip Alan and I took to New York last weekend was very exciting and eventful! First we entered the rush lottery for Wicked (the theater for which was literally about a minute's walk from our hotel) and BOTH got our names drawn!! Alan's name was second and mine was around eighth out of about thirteen names that were drawn out of a pool of probably over a hundred entries. I was so excited when Alan's name got called that I was totally dumbstruck when MY name was called as well.... I just kind of stood there for a second, then awkwardly popped out of the lottery-entry group towards the lottery-winner line and yelled "I'm....with him....." while gesturing flailingly towards Alan, since each of us entered for two tickets and I therefore didn't need the ones I had just won. A bunch of people from the entry crowd yelled "TAKE THEM! TAKE THEM!!" but....I did not, lol. And the show was really fantastic! I heart Galinda (with a "GA") aka Glinda (the "Ga" is silent) so much, she made me cackle like a crazy person.

I also spent like a billion dollars at Kinokuniya and saw this badass building:

I also saw a rat in the subway and a dude peeing in broad daylight on the sidewalk of a busy street. Gross.

BUT! Getting back to the topic of this post, I also went to L'Occitane! I kept seeing them ERRYWHERE and then remembered this post on TheGloss and, being a lip balm addict, began bugging Alan to let us go to a L'Occitane store. Lo and behold, the nearest location to our hotel was in the exact same building as the jazz show we went to on Saturday, so I GOT ME SOME LIP BALLLLLLLM. And it is totally awesome. Sooo, naturally, I ordered more stuff from the L'Occitane website once I got home. Lol. They gave me a coupon to get a free Best of L'Occitane sampler pack with a $25 purchase, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DOOOOOOO. Just NOT spend more money on expensive soap and lip balm!? That is crazy talk.

I got the Desert Rose balm in the store, but while I was there I also tried the Hibiscus Flower tester smelled awesome. So I ordered it. Lawl.

And the free sampler pack included a bar of their Milk soap, yayyyyyyyy I was gonna order it anyway!! I am a sucker for milk-scented bath products. And honey-scented bath products. HOLY CRAP MILK AND HONEY IS EVEN BETTERRR omgeezie. Okay. That was an amazingly profound and sagacious blog post and I don't think anybody can handle any more of my mind-blowing insights so I am gonna go now.  (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ

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