Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deep sea fishes DEEP SEA FISHES

Mannnng, I love me some deep sea fishes. That's not really true, actually. Fish are gross and deep sea fishes especially are super creepers, so I don't love them, per se. BUT I LOVE TO LEARN ABOUT THEM AND LOOK AT THEIR CREEPITUDE. I want to watch documentaries about deep sea fishes allllll day.

Without any further ado, IT'S DEEP SEA FISHES TIME!! :D

First up is the anglerfish - classic!
Also known as the deep sea fangly fish (but not really).

Another deep sea-classic: the viperfish!
Those be some janky-ass teeth.

Hahahahahaha! Oh blobfish. You so crazy.

This mofo is an umbrellamouth gulper.
Also known as a pelican eel, because pelicans are also
creepy-mouthed creepers who eat birds. :c

Oh vampire squid, you're so badass.
Check out this cool Planet Earth footage of Mr. Squidward Cullen!

The other creature from the Planet Earth clip above
is the Dumbo octopus.
How cute! Just kidding. That thing's gross.

Enypniastes, the see-through sea cucumber.
How indecent.

I also enjoy all the glowy things.

Space and deep sea are the best. Very far above us and very far below us, the LAST REMAINING FINAL FRONTIERS OF HUMAN EXPLORATION OMGGGGGG WHOOOOAAAAAAAA. Or something.

mostly via NOVA and Real Monstrosities

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