Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purrrrrrrses. That sounds like a cat-related pun or something. But it's not. For real.

Maybe pursessssssss would be better....? But then that's like...a snake-related pun. What even is that, though!? I never talk about snakes. I am not a Parselmouth, that makes no sense. I just....I don't even know any more.

Anyway, my current purse - a nice gray, ruffled hobo (the style of purse, not a vagabond...) that I got for Christmas from my niece and half-sister-in-law - is starting to get a little worn down, so I feel like I should start to be on the lookout for a new purse. But I'm so picky. I WANT A PINK ONE. I WANT LEATHER-LIKE MATERIAL. I DON'T LIKE FRINGES AND CRAP. I DON'T LIKE STUPID SHORT STRAPS. BUT I DON'T LIKE REALLY LONG STRAPS EITHER. Being a girl is hard. By which I actually mean, being ridiculously picky is hard.

Here are some purses that I would enjoy. Nearly all are from Japanese brands, because the Japanese are the only people who like really cute pink shit. Aw yeah.


  1. I am a Coach girl through and through. They have some pretty cute pink ones right now... http://www.coach.com/online/handbags/-latest_handbags-10551-10051-5000000000000015027-en?t1Id=62&t2Id=5000000000000015027&tier=2&LOC=LN#107484

    (of course, if you're like me, you have to go to the outlet store on "additional 30% off days!" and pick from that selection instead hehehe)

    1. I also like Coach! They do have some really nice pink purses right now. :) But I am super cheap, so....I'd have to go on a, like, "additional 70% off day" hahaha.

      Lol, purse-searching is quite the time drain, isn't it! :P

  2. oh man that link brings up a popup. there are a lot better ones than that one, too, if you close it out...

    dangit, now you got me started on purse-searching... I'm never going to bed tonight!