Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forever 21...

...currently has tons of floral rose-patterned, bow-festooned, pink-and-cream color-scheme clothing and accessories. Which are some of my biggest retail weaknesses. Meaning I was suckered into buying tons and tons of stuff. Damn you and your ridiculously low prices, F21!!

I bought all of this stuff. ALL OF IT.
We will see how many of the things I recklessly bought actually look decent on me and how many I will have to return. Also, how much of that jewelry I will actually wear, since I don't really wear jewelry besides the watch, silver bracelet, and silver heart necklace that I always wear...

I am going to be flowery and girly all over the place.


  1. Did you really buy ALL of that stuff? Because that's a lot of heart-shaped necklaces. 0_0


  2. Haha, I did. I have no self-control when shopping. And I really like heart-shaped necklaces...