Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nyan nyan nyan? Nyan! Nyan nyan. Plus other nyans I nyan (videos I like).

Do you know about Nyan Cat? DO YOU?! Well if not, before even reading that previous link, go to -->THIS LINK<-- and be enthralled and amazed. And/or really annoyed. Lol.

I like Nyan Cat because not only do I enjoy kitties and weird stuff and pointless dumb internet junk, I also have a long history with nyan. You see, nyan is the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow." And when I was little and dumb, I would call cats nyan-nyans even if I was otherwise speaking in English. It did not even occur to me that someone might not know what a "nyan-nyan" is. Because what kind of idiot doesn't know what a nyan-nyan is?! I also called dogs wan-wans because, you guessed it, wan is "woof" in Japanese. So, basically, I have nyaned for nearly 22 years, which is waaaaaay more than the other nyaning high-scores people have gotten, seeing as Nyan Cat has only existed for like a month.

If you enjoyed Nyan Cat, which I KNOW you did not at all totally did, you should go here and play Nyan Cat Fly, a game where you control Nyan Cat to get him to omnom tasty yummies and avoid omnomming yucky veggies. My favorite thing about it is that you can customize your own Nyan Cat, that's right, CUSTOMIZE your OWN NYAN CAT to play with. Bomb! Above you can see my personalized nyan. White-furred chocolate nyan with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles! :D Another nyantastic nyan-finding is this video of a dude playing the nyan song on the piano. Check it out!

And please notice that the video description contains a link to a tutorial for how to play the nyan song. Nyaice! If I was better at playing the piano and not confused by that style of piano tutorial, I would totally learn how to play it. But enyaough about nyan! Since I am pleased with my discovery of Blogger's easy-to-imbed YouTube video tool, I will now share a couple non-nyan videos which I currently find very entertaining.

This commercial makes me laugh a lot. I love how the older girl says "happy," and the face the younger girl makes when the grandpa rolls over, ahaha. I read that they told the actresses playing the daughters that the cream actually does work and they believed it, so they are probably being totez srs when they are putting it on the old dude actor, LOL.

I looooove corgis, omg!! The best kind of dog. This one is particularly awesome. Why is he doing that? Why is he so crazy?? He's just all flipping out and smacking the ground with his front paws, hahaha. So great.

Okay I lied, this is nyan-related. But not Nyan Cat-related! I sometimes (oftentimes) watch videos of cats meowing because....well, I'm a crazy cat lady? I have no legitimate reason. Anyway, this video confirmed the fact that I - quite idiosyncratically - enjoy old cats a lot more than kittens. That noisy gray kitty when he is in grown-up stage with his big fluffy tail? SOOOOOO AMAZEBALLS.

And that is it for now because long post is gettin' looooooong.


  1. 8,582 NYAN NYAN CAT!! WHEE!
    I like games. I especially like beating Mark at games. You should continue posting them. =D

  2. I probably should clarify that I'm playing the Nyan Fly game, not sitting here staring at the Nyan Nyan can for 8,582 seconds.

  3. Don't lie, you were totally staring at the Nyan cat for 8,582 seconds. Lol. I could post more games...but the thing is that I don't like games very much because they give me panic attacks, haha. :P

  4. Omg omg! My roommate has a corgis!! Well, he's part corgis, part border collie so it makes him a shaggy corgis. Sooo cute. Oh, and he's ancient so while he's cute, he's also actively decomposing...anyways! Love your blog!! Ashley