Monday, May 23, 2011

How well can you see colors?

This is a really interesting test! Go to this website to take the FM 100 Hue Test and see how high or low your color acuity is!

After arranging the tiles in order by hue, starting at the left-most locked tile color and ending at the right-most locked tile color (as shown above in my example), it will give you your "ColorIQ" test score.

The lower the score, the better - thus, zero would be a perfect score. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that means that my score of 4 is pretty awesome. Yusssss. \(-w-)/ It also gives you a breakdown of which colors you are not so good at discriminating. Damn you, turquoise!

Then, if you pick your age range and gender, it will show how your score compares with your age-and-gender peers. Apparently those other girls in their twenties are pretty awesome at seeing colors, if I am that far over on the distribution scale. And someone got a 1520?! Can they only see in black and white or something?? Well, I suppose I personally know of some people *cough Alan cough* who could only break into the two-digit score range after retaking the test multiple times....poor semi-colorblind bebe.

So go see how well you can discriminate alllll the colors, and tell me how you did!


  1. Me = 3!! I didn't know what the color distribution thing meant, so I have no clue what color I'm bad at seeing.
    Also, Mark got 11, which proves once again that I'm superior.

  2. I got 8. Which I'm actually pretty surprised at because about halfway through I felt as if all the colors were melting together and i wasn't doing very good lol. Also, I got the same as you and couldn't distinguish turquoise as much... Which makes me sad because I love turquoise...

    p.s. i tried to post when logged into my account and it just sends me to the blogger page and tries to get me to create a blog.

  3. 11. I'm less color challenged than I thought :)

  4. WHOAAAAA, Nicole! You're the first person I've heard of who beat me! Lol, 11 is pretty good for a boy though. Much better than Alan, HAHA. :P

    Ooh, 8! That is simultaneously a good score as well as the best number. Me too, I start getting disoriented and being like "...WHAT ARE COLORS." I like turquoise a lot too...Maybe we are bad at distinguishing turquoise because we like it and look at it all the time and lose sensitivity to it...? LOL I MADE THAT UP WTF.

    11 is awesome, good job! :P