Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caturday: Cat-pile edition.

I love kitties. This is a well known fact. It should therefore come as no surprise that I especially love PILES of kitties. Let the cat-pile photos COMMENCE!!

How did this even happen?? LOL.

Sink pile! Awwww, I love brown tabbies. *3*

Neko nabe, aka cat pot!
Look how lined up their heads are! Another case of "how did this happen?!"

I like that loner one that climbed onto the carrier. :)

Eleven kittens! That's so many kittens.
That little rascal in the front is awake during naptime, aww.

Cat-amari, get it?! Lolol.

And now, since two cats does not really equal a pile (a pile of two's like a pile of one faces. Just...don't ask.), here are some photos of donut kitties, aka one kitty wrapped around another kitty. :3

Awww they fit perfectly in that cat bed!


The kitty in the front is a Bengal! They're so awesome~
And that nice fluffy kitty in the back is giving it ear licks, cuuute!

While these photos are just random ones I had saved on my computer, if you'd like to see many, many more cat-piles and donut-kitties (aka actually primarily kitten-piles and donut-kittens) take a look - or a LONNNNNNNNNG STAAAAAAAARE - at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, aka LIKE MY MOST FAVORITEST BLOG OF ALL TIME. Soooooo manyyyyy kittenssssssss. :D

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