Friday, June 10, 2011

Betsey Johnson's dresses make me smile a lot

Especially the ones from the prom-themed Spring 2008 RTW collection!

This one is probably my absolute favorite.

Look how huge the skirt is!! *w*

The color layering gives a really cool effect to the skirt!

Lavender + gold = awesome.

This one is pretty ridiculous...
But I loves me some pastel rainbow, mmhmm.

The Dahlia dress! Done kind of edgy and cool.
(P.S. This model reminds me of Paris Hilton here... *grimaces*)

That little star really makes it for me, lol. Also: it's pink...

OMG that ice blue color is AMAZE.
(Baby blue and pink suit is also pretty amaze.)

Pink and hearts and frilly, what more could I want!?

Ahhh the heart-shaped glasses make this outfit extra cute!!

And they are even MORE especially smile-inducing when they are being modeled by Cintia Dicker. Cintiaaaaa~~! ♥

Pink dress is SO CUTE. Plus Cintia equals YUSS.

My fave model 4 LYFE.

If only I had ALL THE MONEYS, then I could have an entire closet stuffed full of Betsey Johnson dresses. Someday...!! (?)

via and New York Magazine....I think. Most are, at least. A few are a mystery.

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