Friday, June 3, 2011

OMGEEZIE, if you like Harry Potter at all you have to check this out.

These. Are. AMAZINGGGGGG. Basically, this artist/comic-writer named Lucy Knisley made these one-page comics summarizing each HP book. AND THEY ARE AWESOME. So far she has done them up through Half-Blood Prince.

Here is the one for Sorcerer's Stone, for example. (Hint: click to enlarge it.)


So good! And quite accurate/appropriate summaries, I think. My favorite thing in these comics are all the parts with Snape in them. Because he is frickin' hilarious.

Want to read the rest of them? OF COURSE YOU DO DON'T LIE YOU LIAR.
So you better go -->RIGHT HERE<-- and ch-ch-ch-check it!

via Lucy Knisley's LiveJournal

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  1. OMG these are awesome! I think one of my favorite parts is "so...voldemort" "oh you silly" and also I like when dumbledore talks and is just like "what up" lol. I wish he talked like that for real. Hooray.