Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Om nom yom yom.

I would like to share with you....some delicious Ehhzhon (aka Asian, aka actually just Japanese) meals that my mama is nice enough to cook for lazy-ass me. Followed by some also-delicious sometimes-Ehhzhon meals that I was un-lazy enough to cook for usually-lazy-ass me. ONWARDS!!  

(Oh and btw, I included info and recipes (!) where ever appropriate/possible. YOU'RE WELCOME, BRO.)

A veritable tempura feast!!
Green beans, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet potato,
chicken and shrimp. THANKS MOMMMM.

Hiyashi chuuka, YUM!
I love this stuff so much. It's especially good in the summer!

Japanese-style curry rice. This is one of THE DISHES OF MY CHILDHOOD.
I think it's infinitely more delicious than Indian or Thai curry. Sorry.

Hiyashi chuuka again, omnomnom! I told you I love it.

And now, some things that I cooked for my own lazy self!
, OM NOM NOM! One of my favorite foods.
The black gomashio really takes it over the edge.

Some badass Vietnamese spring rolls with nước mắm sauce.
Not only tasty, but healthy as well!? That's crazy talk.
(P.S. Them rice paper wrappers is tricksy, sticky, delicate fellows.)

Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a delicious and easy go-to recipe.
I could (and sometimes did) eat it every day, yummm!

THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA! Seriously, this thing was amazing.
Garlic glazed chicken pizza, made by me and Alan.

I also make a pretty mean omelet-frittata thing.

Pasta with spicy red clam sauce - my specialty!
I like to make huge batches and eat it for many meals in a row.

OMFG I pretty much had a freaking heart attack just now when I went to the find the original cooking-blog post which contained that last recipe and found that it NO LONGER EXISTS OMFG NOOOOOOO!! Luckily, when I googled it I found the same recipe recorded at the link given above - PHEW! I have that baby copied down and saved on my hard drive, now. I learned my lesson.

P.S. Hey, my digital camera takes pretty decent photos for a point-and-shoot! I♥U pink Sony Cyber-shot.

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  1. Japanese curry night will be happening in Miami sometime in the soon.