Thursday, June 23, 2011

Japanese artist Sakizou... like the MOST AWESOME ARTIST EVER. Ughhhhh look how cute and frilly and pretty and AMAZINGGGGGGGGG afajsfljashalskdfaflkjshaksdfg. And the OUTFITS OMG!! To die for~~! I love all the elaborate, sumptuous Victorian-y elements!! And delicious foods too, wtf. I especially like the illustration sets she (he?) does, such as personifications of desserts and beverages. So gorgeous!

(Click to view the illustrations in full-size OR ELSE YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIIIIIIFE.)

I've been trying to track down some of her artbooks to purchase, but they're like, super rare. Like freaking Mewtwo or something. So hard to find. -n-

For more awesome illustrations, check out Sakizou's official website!

via Sakizou's official site and her pixiv.


  1. i get how you feel... same situation here T^T would you please upload more images? cuz they're so cool and hard to find!
    arigato gosaimasu!!!

    1. Actually, I got all these pictures directly off Sakizou's official site and pixiv - there are plenty more at both of those sites! :)