Saturday, June 4, 2011


So yesterday as I frolicked about town while frittering away my money running some errands, I ran across a display of Ritter Sport chocolate bars which included the flavor referenced in the post title - technically, Strawberry Yogurt, but translated here as "Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme."

Looking at the picture below, it is obvious why I was drawn to it. SOOO PIIIINK AND BEAUUUUUTIFULLLLLLL I HAVE TO BUY IT NO MATTER WHAAAAAAT myyyyy preeeeecioussssssss~~~~~~ *gurgle gurgle* .....I am just an advertiser's dream-customer, aren't I. But besides....that....I was also quite drawn to the flavor, as strawberry and milky/creamy/yogurty-flavors, especially combined with chocolate, are super awesome and need to occur in the US more often (they are rampant in Japan and, I'm assuming, at least certain European countries).

So prettyyyyyyy! From The Candy Enthusiast.

So anywhoo, I snatched that shit up along with a bunch of other junk I did not originally intend to purchase and away it came with me to my home where I immediately clawed gnawed tore it open and hungrily consumed it while crouching, Sméagol-like, in the corner. J/K, I was just sitting on the couch eating it like a normal person. Don't worry.

So, anyway, what was my verdict....?

Highly accurate diagram from Food Junk.

YOU GUYS, THIS CHOCOLATE IS AWESOME. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS.  It's so awesome that now I want to go and buy all the rest that the store where I got it has in stock and I also don't even want to say where I got it for fear of sneaky chocolate-poachers snatching up all that's left in Walla Walla. It's all creamy and delicious, and the little strawberry bits provide a nice tart pop that counters the sweetness of the filling really nicely, as well as provides an interesting textural element, as do the little crispy rice bits which make things good and crunchy, and the chocolate also balances out the flavors well, and everything is all smooooth and riiiiich, and and AND AND AND ANDDDDD I love it the mostest omfg.

So I am going to go back to my corner (aka couch [aka probably actually a corner]) now and munch on my chocolate bar and be the happiest little Sméagol there ever was. I bid you adieu.

P.S. The Ritter Sport website is awesome. I love to stare at the chocolate. It's in German, but it is often not too hard to guess what German words mean....except "erdbeer," I had no idea what the hell that was supposed to be at first, wtf. I especially enjoy staring at their wonderfully color-sorted product....treadmill??  .....Treadmill.

P.P.S. That was waaaay too long of a post about a bar of chocolate. Oh well, it's to be expected from a food-obsessed crazy such as myself.

P.P.P.S. I am very pleased with myself for already knowing the html code for a heart (seen in the title) without having to look it up. YEAH-YUH!

Images via The Candy Enthusiast and Food Junk, as noted above.

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